Guerrilla Zo Piercings - Professional body piercing and tooth gems in metro Detroit.

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About Guerrilla Zo

A member of the Detroit metro tattoo and piercing community, Guerrilla Zo is a professional body piercer that’s dedicated to the health and happiness of his clients. Zo’s number one priority is practicing his craft with integrity. He strives to create a positive experiences for all clients, whether they’re piercing virgins or they’re full of holes!

Father, husband, veteran, and body mod collector, Zo is a continuous student of the practice of body piercing. He hopes to one day expand into other body modification practices, such as ear pointing, subdermal implants, scarification, branding, and suspension.

Guerrilla Zo apprenticed under Jay Needlez at Mr. B’s Tattoo & Body Piercing in Baltimore, Maryland, and was part of the Inked Detroit Tattoo family in Westland, Michigan. He serves clients mostly in Michigan and Ohio, but loves to pierce and gem fellow body mod enthusiasts at tattoo conventions throughout the US.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact Zo directly at –

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